Help Your Employees create a healthier body and mind, reduce stress in and out of the workplace, eliminate days off because of illness, increase job performance and build camaraderie.  Great for managers, secretaries, teachers, golfers, bankers and more.   Add a comprehensive Pilates program with a Certified Professional Personal Trainer to your company during MORNING or LUNCH.

Pilates can reduce many of the stresses that work generates – both physical and mental. The benefits of regular Pilates classes are huge, from the unknotting of tense shoulder and neck muscles to renewed clarity and ability to stay focussed. By teaching simple breathing techniques, stress can be relieved and calmness and concentration renewed.

Pilates revitalises the immune system and improved immunity means fewer days away from the office.

Through regular, supervised Pilates practice, the back will become stronger, which will reduce backache.

Pilates makes one feel good - it transforms a bad day into one of inspiration and renewed energy.

Pilates is good for team building and can improve trust and communication between colleagues.

Classes are offered in a course form of 4 to 8 week duration which can be held once or twice a week.  The Company needs to provide a quiet space, a conference or meeting room as long as tables and chairs can be pushed aside.  Class length is 60 minutes (lunch time classes could be done in 30-50 minutes if necessary).

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