Merging Pilates principals and therapeutic muscle stretching techniques, we provide safe, well supervised individual exercise routines to address back pain and help maintain a pain free existence.

Body Harmony Pilates studio back and neck pain sessions are designed for people who find their pain has become an ongoing interruption to the enjoyment of life. Some clients have well identified, specific complaints and work in conjunction with other health care providers; others have general unremitting pain and previously have not found lasting relief.

Back pain and in particular low back pain (LBP) is the most common cause of disability in South Africa for persons under 45 years of age. One of the problems in the prevention and treatment on back pain is that the etiology is diverse, and the specific cause is often unknown. Many cases of back pain have been associated with less than optimal physical function, and active exercise has long been recognised as an effective approach for both prevention and rehabilitation. Indeed, the major emphasis in back pain rehabilitation has recently shifted to the restoration of functional capacity. Pilates postural strength and stretching exercise is now well established both theoretically and practically as an effective method of exercise training for the health prevention and rehabilitation of the spine.

Our approach merges Pilates principles of stabilisation of weak areas including exercises that decrease joint mobility (where appropriate) and improve muscle strength and Kit Laughlin’s "Overcome Neck and Back pain" techniques (also the title of his book) in which therapeutic stretching methods are employed to lengthen and mobilise tight areas. The graded stretches and strengthening exercises are introduced in a way that clients work in trunk flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation (movements required in the activities of daily life), exercising the abdominal and back musculature and gradually integrating the upper and lower extremities. The approach focuses on various aspects of prevention, rehabilitation, education and training and eventually normal pain free function is restored.

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