Advanced Pilates Classes

Our advanced classes are for clients who have attended beginners classes for some time and are up for a challenge. The classes combine more advanced Pilates exercises with a rapid pace and less rest between exercises together with variety of breathing and stretching techniques from Callanetics and Body Flex. Strong previous mat experience is required before coming to this level.

CALLANETICS is a type of exercise that was developed more than three decades ago by a woman named Callan Pinckney. It teaches you ways in moving precisely and slowly so that you use each group of muscles. Though these movements may be simple, they are actually very effective in toning and shaping your muscles. Callanetics enables you to build on your strength and flexibility with only your body to help you. Important to note is that Callanetics is a non-impact exercise program. Regardless of what you age maybe, you can perform the movements. Because you do these movements slowly and precisely, you get much better results. Additionally it can give you a better sense of your body and its movements by its impact on coordination of your muscles.

Its your body weight that creates resistance. Unlike aerobics, Callanetics exercises are very slow and target specific muscles. The process however involves very sharp muscle movements to increase metabolism which in turn helps your body burn off calories quickly and more efficiently. This is what makes it different from other low impact programs. Apart from the possibilities of you changing the shape of your body, Callanetics can also help you drop inches from your frame if you do it regularly.

Initially, this exercise program was not meant for weight loss. However, with time, people designed cardio programs to go with the exercise so that you lose weight and tone up at the same time. You are guaranteed the desired effects right away if you want to tone and re-shape your body. Many people who have tried Callanetics have experienced amazing results including significant reduction in their waist size and body shape. The routine also focused on increasing strength, flexibility, and body alignment without being strenuous. The movements involved are adjustable in terms of breathing, flexing, and speed. Callanetics is a safe and proven method of improving your feeling of well-being.

BODY FLEX is a decent weight loss program that promises you will lose inches. It is a popular and efficient set of exercises focused at eupnea. Eventually, your muscles are toned up, the fat is burnt as well as toxins are removed. Such kind of exercises facilitates the fight against free radicals and premature ageing. You can see the result of Body Flex workouts 4 times faster than while going in for running. Practicing the Body Flex, the cells of your body get oxygen through breathing exercises and become more effectively active, while different microbes, viruses and cancer cells die. The Body Flex program has an overall tonic and health-improving affect on the entire body. In addition, Body Flex is a relatively fast means of weight loss and restful to the eyes shaping of your body.

Anyone can perform this techniques and see visible results fast using the Body Flex. Eventually, you will see that not only your muscles are given a lift, but also your skin as indeed oxygenation cannot but leave a trace on your body and you will feel less fatigure at the end of the Body Flex workout.

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